maandag 2 mei 2011


some concept sketches for a drawing i want to make. which one do you guys like the most?

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Chris Sig zei

Top-left and bottom-right have the nicest poses; seem to add to the innocence of the scene =)

Dani zei

I like the top left one most. The expression on her face and the way she has the teddy-bear sitting and looking back at her gives me more to think about, and sets a more interesting mood.

Angel zei

The first one and the one right under it. Her legs are both up and her body is making a 'V' shape. it just flows. Nice sketches btw. :]

Elaine Chen zei

The two on the right~Mainly due to the nice flow feeling I like. Depending on what you want to convey, bottom right seem a little less about the teddy. but still love it all<3

DustinResch zei

I love the bottom-right one, beautiful flowing lines, an unusual pose to draw, plus it feels right to me because I sleep on my arm just like that.

JJacks zei

I like the bottom two most. They just have this nice feeling of comfort. I think the bottom left is probably the most appealing to me but you could really make something great out of the bottom right. :0

Meg zei

The bottom-right is my favorite! I love the pose--it seems much more innocent and vulnerable than the others.

Naomi Franquiz zei

Her laying pose is my favorite. The perspective is nice, as is the diagonal line, and it feels a lot more cozy and intimate <3

Rebekah zei

I like either the upper left or the lower right. :)

Kyrstin zei

Top left is nice, but I love the bottom right.

Anoniem zei

Personally I like seeing them all together. It gives sort of a sense of time passing. They're all beautiful though.

Juuhachi zei

The very bottom one. That line work is so sensual.

TMM zei

Wow! All the choices are all over the place and my answer isn't going to help, haha. I like th top right one the most since the hair seems to keep everything cocoon her and it the way she's holding the teddy bead seems to fit her age a bit more. But those details can be changed to whatever you were going for!

Jenn L. zei

My vote is for upper-right. The way her hair envelopes her form is really nice.

KevinHarden zei

top left

Peter Bangs zei

Top left or bottom right again. Depends on what your drawing is about though. Top left looks like she's thinking back, sadly , to her childhood. Bottom right looks like sleeping after a good cry. Top right looks almost like she's in prayer to times past and bottom left looks like she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the eyes. Hope putting this out for opinions has helped you and look forward to seeing the finished picture.

Wouter Tulp zei

They're all beautiful. Bottom right is my favorite!

Ventilan zei

love them all, also. But I agree with Chris Sig: top left and bottom right are my favourites. *

Crafty Cupcake zei

I think I like the right hand two the most. The way the body moves is so perfect, and the curvature of her shape works well.

dale newton zei

just wanted to say how much i like your work. You have quite a knack with girls - very moody and expressive - and sexy. Your approach to lighting and colour is fresh. I will certainly be looking out for more!

Dana zei

Great flow

Chelsey Holeman zei

I added you to my blogroll!

Anoniem zei

Colorado and Robe OD with EARL?
That's " watt" he is saying.
And much, much " more".

Mst. khaleda begum zei