vrijdag 18 februari 2011

dubai concepts

Some concept art for an animation produced by YellowSubmarine in Amsterdam, inspired by Dubai.

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JJacks zei

I love the atmosphere of these concept scenes. Beautiful work as always. <3

Artoonator zei

Lekker hoor

May zei

Loish, your art is so good. I feel like no matter what subject or thing comes ahead, you are so talented you can find the way to creating paths, new styles and adapt to anything. Ohh, good luck!! Sending you the best wishes

Joseph Mingoo Lee zei

ahh such beautiful colors!

Dani zei

I love them all :) Very wowie as usual. I've been to Dubai but don't remember seeing anything other than endless lines of glass buildings.. where in Dubai did you find this market?

Freckles zei

this colour styling is lovely :)

Dana zei

Always been a fan of your work. Love these latest color studies. Keep it up!

Chelsey Lynn Holeman zei

Wonderful colors. I wish my world looked like this... so peaceful with whimsy.

Rustam F. Hasanov zei

These are wonderful!
Love the style.

Crystal zei

Hello, Lois!

Just want to say I love love love your work!

That is all, have a nice day! :)

BedouinRose zei

Though it is very nice, You view on Dubai is entirely wrong, Loish.
I am from Dubai, born and raised. And i have to tell you that if this is what you believe Dubai looks like now, then its false. Even the dress for the locals is all wrong, we dont wear like this and we NEVER did.

And if this is inspired by the old Dubai, and not the present then i have to tell you that its also wrongly illustrated. The buildings in Dubai 50 years ago looked nothing like this, not in the market and not even the preserved old buildings now.
I am soo ashamed to soo that the vision of my country is poorly represented in the eyes of a foreigner, and it sends a wrong view about my country to all who never been to it.

And i also assure you that any pure blooded Arabian person would tell you, that your concept of Dubai is more MOROCCAN.

I wish you would have done a better research, Dubai is truly a wonderful and gorgeous city. But i guess your clients would make due with a false Dubai.

I hope that you are pleased, Loish.
Good Bye.

Lois van Baarle zei

hi bedouinrose,

sorry that you're offended by the artwork. it is in no way intended to portray a realistic dubai, as the description states it is simply inspired by it. i was given a number of photographs as reference and a very complex amount of thematic information about the underlying idea of the animation. it had a lot to do with fabric, layers, and the relationship between tents and the city.

the artwork is intended as visual development, a way to search for a visual style and level of detail which could be used for an animation.

you might feel your city is misrepresented but you assume that this was my goal, which is unfortunate, since not everything inspired by dubai must necessarily fulfill your rules and standards of what the city is like. others are free to interpet it as they wish and that is something you have to accept.

Ying-Hsuan (Jennifer) Chen zei

these are so beautiful! i'm so sorry to find that you've stopped updating this blog but i really like this post! a lot!

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