dinsdag 16 november 2010

sailor moon

a gift for someone who requested this.. more similar gifts to come

8 reacties:

pluww zei

definitely one the first reasons I learned to draw in the first place. teehee~

JJacks zei

She is adorable in your style. I like her cute hips and round nose. :)

Freddy Carrasco zei

wanna hear a secret? when i was in elementary school i used to go outside with my sketchbook at recess and draw sailor moon hhaha.. no wonder i had no friends >_<

Anoniem zei

Wow! I love your version of sailor moon and i like the lack of lines! Great work, very inspiring!

Olivia zei

yep.. exactly how i started drawing as a child!

Carrie Rodriguez zei

eeeps! Sailor Moon! :D brings me back to when I was 5 years old traveling w/ parents and buying my first sailor moon doll in HK! :D

great piece lois

heartbug zei

I love the way you draw it's kinda funny looking but nice. how to draw

Mohammad.Modarres zei

love this one,your art work are lovely