vrijdag 15 oktober 2010


geert wilders shows his overwhelming maturity and grace during his trial today (he is being accused of hate mongering and discrimination) by putting on his happy face! is it that time of the month again, geert? :]

based off of filmed footage shown in the news today - click here to view (around 1:37; it's in dutch). as an artist, i find that his hateful expression and oversized fivehead is always an entertaining experience to draw.

10 reacties:

Wouter Tulp zei

Nice sketch. I admire the fact that you can find a way to make looking at this guy entertaining!

Dani zei

Wonderful capture :) His face matches the description spot on!

Nicole zei

The likeness is uncanny. More entertainingly, though, is the expression of the guy on the left at 1:37 haha

Caccaduu zei

looks cool, maby a bit more weight. its interesting to see your male characters!

i saw a lot from you spread over many spots in the web, very cool work.
is there a blog where you put all you stuff in? not only the sketches?

first i defenetly follow this blog here! :)

Geis zei

grappig mannetje ;p kan hem nooit serieus nemen ;D

Andre zei

I´ve been following your work for some time.
I love it!
keep on drawing!
hi from spain

tokyobanana zei

wow your art 's so cool , colors you used are very intense and well placed and if you really look like your self portrait let me tell u that france is not so far from nederland and obviously not for a coffee around a table full of drawings .
Emmanuel B

Mei zei

Haha 'that time of the month'
Een echte drama queen als je het mij vraagt.

Charlotte zei

:'D Haha thanks for making me laugh today. Ik dacht dat het een karikature was maar nee hoor! Hij kijkt echt zo. Djeeez :"D

Karoeza zei

Geweldig :)