dinsdag 14 september 2010

tumblr doodles

two doodles i drew to shamelessly bribe my tumblr followers into recommending my blog for the main directory

9 reacties:

Rochelle zei

Which worked, because I recommended you. :)

Claire zei

Lovely sketches. Such beautiful color work.

Laurent zei

I love the second one !

Gabby Zapata zei

beautiful as always :)

Emerson zei

love your digital sketches! amazing how you get enough detail down so they read and still feel fresh!


So good!!

---Carlos Lluch--- zei

wauuuuu!!! I like this.
Fantastic blog. congratulations from spain!

Camille zei

Beutiful sketches. I love your work :)

Mathieu Reyn├Ęs zei

Nice works, beautiful colors :)