maandag 26 juli 2010


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pluww zei

gorgeous! I looove her skin tone

Davidser zei

Lois, me encantan tus bocetos, los colores que usas, sos genial!!

Ros@ la Barber@ zei


Alex Moore zei

god damn god damn, i love the textures here. the scheme's SO WARM to boot. what was this done in? photoshop? coral painter?

Anoniem zei

Wonderful <3 <3 This post make me happy

Parya zei

this girl looks so cute! and the rough brushstrokes fit this style just so well *____*

lois zei

thanks all! and alex - it was done in photoshop (like basically everything i do haha) :]

Fabián Fucci zei

This one is so sweet.

LeoZiz zei

Loved your sketches...
Your drawings are fantastic!
In fact I think this page will join my favorites.

Tres Swygert zei

So wonderful and inspiring! Lovin' it! :)

Linde zei

zooo mooi!

Octavio E. Rodriguez zei

Cool design!

oriol zei

Really wll done, amazing all your drawings! I link you=)

Kendra Melton zei

Absolutely gorgeous!

lauren carney zei

your blog is utterly splendid!
I just thought you need informing!
keehee x x

Kenneth Shofela Coker zei

Hi Loish, I'm a fellow illustrator/animator and have been following your blog for a while, great stuff and your visual language and subject matter is quite inspiring. I was curious is this Olanna from the book, Half of a Yellow Sun?