maandag 26 juli 2010


nostalgia... both to my childhood and the time that the little mermaid was basically all i drew. which was like 6 years ago. haha

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Gabby Zapata zei

anddd I still love it :)! It brings nostalgia to me too. I remember the times where I was little and pretended to be her in the bathtub haha. Fail.

Wouter Tulp zei

It looks like she gained some weight over time...

lois zei

yep i like drawing the occasional non-anorexic disney character ;D

Wouter Tulp zei

And you do so fabulously!!

Regina Mako zei

Love it! No one wants a skinny mermaid.

Anoniem zei

6 years ago??? i was there and am now missing your oekaki board.

my verification work is glitto. pretty sweet.