dinsdag 8 juni 2010

go green

elections tomorrow in holland. political parties have been campaigning pretty fiercely in the last month which can get pretty exhausting since there are a bunch of them and they have two main approaches:

  1. convince people to vote for them by focusing excessively on how much money certain target groups will save if that party was in charge. apparently the only thing anyone cares about is how much money they can fill their pockets with, issues such as investing in a better world are unimportant as long as the universe inside your tiny little bubble is mildly improved with a few extra pennies.
  2. act as if they alone can change the country for the better and other political parties can't. a huge act, because we have a coalition-run political system and you are basically forced to team up with other parties and strike compromises on many things you do. however, political parties like to pretend this isn't going to happen for the sake of pulling in extra votes.
so yeah, i've gotten pretty sick of everyone's desperate attempts to win over the hearts of the dutch people. here's a drawing of the laydee i'm voting for, not because i want to greedily count my pennies or boot immigrants out of the country, but because i care about the environment and am a proud leftist. go femke halsema!

3 reacties:

Derek Edwards zei

Love the sketch and Go Green!

SKETCHFro! zei

Very nice sketch, you make her seem bubbly and full of life. I hope that's how she'll be if she wins.

Mei zei

I love Femke too ^^