zaterdag 15 mei 2010

summer tan

style test.

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Chris Boyd zei

Beautiful. I'd say your style test was a success :)

Ericka zei

Works for me! Loving the curves here. And she has big ears. I love big ears.

Chelsey Lynn Holeman zei

Style WIN!

augure zei

Really good ! I like when you draw like that !

paquito zei

you do no this is just annoying, for those of us who "weren't all that good at painting in photoshop but can't do it anyway because their wacoms went bezerk", don't you?

paquito zei

Anyway - just lovely!

Alex Davy zei

I like how you're developing a more unique style, thick noses and big ears :)

also, just noticed your twitter about newcastle. If you're talking about the UK, I live in newcastle and just flew back from madrid yesterday no problems, so your mum should be fine :)


Ken zei


Noxmoony zei

Woot, this looks Amazing. Seriously, great style there. Its definitely a success, thumbs up for the new style!