dinsdag 18 mei 2010

9 reacties:

Ericka zei

oh wow this is sooooooo beautiful. I'm liking the new style a lot.

Ned zei

all of your beautiful sketches...


paquito zei

The overall color pallette is lovely and the constrasts are pretty amazing too!

Anoniem zei

on average how long will a piece like this take you? how often do you practice this way? do you recommend this method for aspiring artists? by the way, your FAQ's on Deviant art have been exceedingly helpful to me...I just wanted to say thanks.

augure zei

this style of chara is magical

Marcos Mateu zei

I love the sense of color, light and atmosphere. Nice painting.

Jael Segura zei

very pretty!
i'm also amazingly jealous of your coding skills. your new layout looks gorgeous. teach me?

Ken zei

nice! As usual, wonderful colours

M.A.R.A.K zei

g.o.d !!! pleasant work!!