zaterdag 1 mei 2010


self portrait.

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Yartistic zei

Oh, I love your work! :)
A Great Weekend for you! ♥


Ken zei

nice... colours are awesome

Juuhachi zei

I'm graduating in 3 weeks...I know the feeling. / :3

Karla zei

Love your work, very inspiring! :)

Luisa zei

Oh, I know how you feel.

Mikelodigas zei

I love it <3333

see you.

Claudio Cerri zei

Great work again! Wooow...

Alex Davy zei

lovely. Reminds me of the E=MC2 pic you did with the teacher and his mug :)

Anoniem zei

I like this one hehe. I'm just like that most of the time haha. Bye!

Felixantos zei


Squid and Pig zei

cool portrait. n__n

Fabian zei

Love your slef portrait, you look amazing! Great colors you use always! :)

Collin zei
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Collin Tsandilis zei

Awesome Stuff!!

Really inspiring, thanks for posting.