maandag 19 april 2010

utrecht clichés

in order to understand this: preferably be dutch.

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Danielle Pioli zei


I really think there are these kind of people everywhere.
It's funny!! =D

Regina Mako zei

yea, I'm American and I still understand "Fashion Bitch" haha.

Angel zei

LOL @ 13 year old who wants to be 18 year old...

Petra zei

Nice find, like the simple but cute-ish designs!

Nadia zei

whahahha zoooo utreg idd ^^

sanne zei

Wow right on, especially the muslima's!

ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet zei

Especially the fashion-fail housewife made me giggle... XD

Good work! <3

Rina zei

hahah wow! Those are great! And definitely you can see them in every big city :D

Tünde zei

Haha, die luide moslima's kwam ik deze week ook nog tegen... Precies zoals op je tekening.

Anoniem zei

That's hilarious, they're spot on.


There are many 13 year olds that want to be 18 years old in America xD

MizzYvon zei

Frighteningly accurate....

Maya zei

Hehe, I'm going to be studying in Utrecht in a few months. Good to see familiar clichés, I suppose.

Anoniem zei

Actually, it's universal. lols.

I don't understand Dutch but I understand that much by your images.

Trast zei


The uggs...they made it to Utrecht, I am sorry for that invasion.

Angry Marrocan. I am morrocan. I KNOOOOOW what you're talking about...
the european marrocan is much different than when they're in the home land, they're hungrier lol

And LOUD MOSLIMS. Again YEEEEEEEEEES!!!! I know, I never got that whole "must be quiet stereotype" that's associated with them. Muslim women are some of the loudest people on EAAAAAARTH! (espeically the fashionable ones)

Love this.

sushy zei

haha heel herkenbaar. Ik heb ze gisteren nog gezien op Utrecht Centraal xD

Carrie Rodriguez zei

hahaha, Fashion Bitch..:)) that one made me laugh.Nice sketches Lois :)

Lamae zei

Wow this made me lol so much XD;

Linde zei

hehe ( : je schreef deze post op mijn verjaardag! toevallig!
ben vorige week naar de stoffenmarkt in utrecht geweest, ook toevallig, en je karaktertjes heb ik daar ook gezien :D

Bivisyani zei

LOL I think this is very adorable :)
It makes people know more about, well, the Clichés that walk in Utrecht. I love it especially because you count the muslims as well :)
Lovely, like really!

ninkira zei

Looks like everyone in my town! Except loud Koreans would be in the mix too, and Racist Old White Guys.
Yeah love the Fashion Bitch XD