zaterdag 13 maart 2010


more ipod fun. drawn with my fingertip using the colors app.

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Anoniem zei


Xhakhal zei

I'm not sure if you know (and I know this will come off as an ad), but one can buy styluses for the iPhone, which I think could work really well for someone who uses it to draw with! here's one of them for instance.
I dunno if you know about them and just don't need one, but maybe it could be useful to you :)

Freddy Carrasco zei

love your color palette on this one. keep em comin!

Felixantos zei


Lucie zei

LOVE the colors in this!! <3

林曉培Maggie zei

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thatsavagegirl zei

She looks like Molly Ringwald!