dinsdag 2 maart 2010

colors! app

drew this on my ipod touch, with the colors! app, while travelling. sure makes riding the train less tedious and boring 8D
not finished but i'm tired of painting with my fingertip.

11 reacties:

Flolol zei

kinda awesome app, didn't hear from it yet..
you just made the perfect advertisement for it ;)

Parya zei

oh ive heard of that application, some also have it on the nintendo wii and use a pen to draw on the screen :)
its really cool since you know which colors to use in order to make it appealing. and im sure you had lots of fun doing it somewhere else besides your room :D

Flolol zei

question is: do you really want to use a wii controller to paint on a tv screen ;)

Parya zei

oh sorry i meant nintendo DS, not wii!! of course that would be dull to draw on a tv-screen xD

Alex Davy zei

Golly Gosh!

I was thinking of getting an i-phone, now i REALLY want one!

Elizabeth zei

You paint better with your iphone and finger than most people do with their cintiqs. Absolutely lovely even though its unfinished :)

林曉培Maggie zei

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Luisa zei

Oh, I tried using thar colors! app, but painting with my fingertip felt...weird. All I did was paint a distorced heart, haha. You did a great job!

Annick zei

I have it on nintendo DS and I really like that program =) However, I don't think I'd like to draw with my fingertips as much...

Ros@ la Barber@ zei

i love your art!you are fantastic

Anoniem zei

You did this with your fingertips? I applaud you!