donderdag 28 januari 2010

did i jump on that bandwagon?

yes. yes i did.

12 reacties:

Mikelodigas zei

So cute n__n

The Commission Queen zei

You did! And she looks adorable.

Dani Syrén zei

oh god... not you too X((((

Andreas Hartmann zei

Such a pleasure to see you giving a joyful, sketchy touch to the subject after all those boring hyper-realistic Avatar renderings on DA.

The mouth is perfect. I'm always impressed how you convey depth and volume just by letting planes meet in exactly the right way. Astonishing.

- x T и - zei


Glasmond zei

But it's a great bandwagon!
<333 Luv it.

Lauren zei

Yes, but it looks adorable!!! <3 :D

Bianca zei

Loish, your art work is PERFECT! I loved it!

When you draw without a computer, what do you use to colour?


Juan Bauty zei

I love it!!

Felixantos zei


CA3 zei

Who hasn't jumped on the "Avatar" bandwagon at this point?

林曉培Maggie zei

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