dinsdag 12 januari 2010

the bitch is back

more cgsociety daily sketch stuff...

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FairyFaye zei

Danny Araya zei

Great sketches here, I love her insanely bent spine.

Mikelodigas zei

I this is great!! I'm a DAfan of you and I dont know that you have blogspot. This is a great notice for me. I like so much your art.

See you. I follow.

Lyndsay zei

Ohhh so sexy.

Felixantos zei

HI , you are very good painting , you have a talent awesome!!!

My favorite artis girl!!!!!haha


roberta zei

Hi Loish! I'm a fan of your arts, this sketchblog is totally awesome!
Keep up the good work!

k. borcz zei

haa ha! that's clever.

Squid and Pig zei

great painting

Lorenzo E Martinez zei

love your work...you have an amazing talent! Thank you for sharing!

Na-kïa zei

♥ it :)