vrijdag 2 oktober 2009


i'm pretty much out of ideas so i'm getting a huge kick out of re-drawing my old crap.



8 reacties:

Kuzey zei

You sure have developed a really great style since your crap days...hehe :)

Wonderful stuff!!!

Sara zei

This is so interesting to see! Your colors are divine.

Chelsea Stebar zei

Wow, you really have come a long way. I love your use of color now!

Anoniem zei

Fantastisch lois! Ik ben al lang een fan van je werk en heb eindelijk je blog gevonden. Wel, zo moeilijk was het nu ook weer niet maar toch, ik check vanaf nu dagelijks!

Linde zei

wooow! echt zaaaalig hoe het er nu uit ziet :D
echt een leuk idee om je oude tekeningen te hertekenen!

Squid and Pig zei

If that are different, the new one is much more manual and strong, but the old also has his style!

: D

Sorry for my English! xD

Farik Osman zei

I do revisit my artworks sometimes. It always made me chuckle gleefully to see the notable difference of the quality of work I have back than my current works. Don't you think so too?

prashant zei

This is so interesting to see!
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