zondag 28 juni 2009


morrigan from darkstalkers. i'm not even familiar with the game but i am familiar with the character, and wanted to see how the design translated into my own way of drawing..

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El Gato Negro company zei

she looks pretty cute! i havent played that game either, but she looks really good in your style :3!

Juuhachi zei

This is a totally different side of Miss Morrigan, but it works so wonderfully. How DO you do it?

Ben zei

Yeaaaah Morrigan!

I played a little bit "Darkstalker 3" on playstation, i love this character! (i even have a PVC figure of her :p)

Really great job, maybe i'll try to make lilith, her little sister!

Whitney Pollett zei

Your work is GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely love it!!
And Morrigan is awesome in Dark Stalkers! you can also find her in my all time favorite PS1 game Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! Here's a link:

Keep up the amazing work!

Peach zei

i love morrigan. she's super cute in your style

prashant zei

he looks really good in your style
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Tongue zei

chick chick!