zondag 10 mei 2009

le lapin

testing out some new textures/filters.

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Amanda Gomez Duran zei

IT'S BEAUTIFUL. I love your works!

Pico zei

Absolutely stunning. I fell in love with your work about a month ago, can't get my eyes off of your blog.

Would you like me to link it on mine?

I would be honored if you'll pass to drop a comment on one of my drawings.

See ya, keep up the good work!

cherenkov zei

It has a nice worn look, like a picture on the cover of an old cookie tin or a faded painted-on-wood look.

Hunter zei

Very Jessica Rabbit.

Laurent zei

Jolie lapine !

belit zei

really amazing jessica rabbit!

Randall Sly zei

You should post it on the Character Design Forum... There is a Jessica Rabbit Design Challenge at

Juuhachi zei

I say this with all seriousness; you're my hero.

Patrick Schoenmaker zei

Hey Lois, some nice work here! I saw you on the frontpage of CGtalk, yeay! I didn't know you had a blog, next time I update mine I'll throw in my links. Keep it up and good luck with your final year at the HKU!

Artoonator zei

Mooi hee.

Nacho Moli zei

She is very beautiful. Is Jessica Rabbit? I love her.

Vanhoozerbot zei

Absolutely beautiful work.


°x°Kawaii Bunny°x° zei

Wow you are really awesome, I admire you!

linde zei

Jouw art is zooooo geweldig! Echt,ik hou van je stijl! Zo uniek ! Ik heb je pas gisteren op DA ontdekt, maar ik was zo blij toen ik je tekeningen zag (: Mijn zus vindt jouw werk ook zaaaalig!
Echt! doe zo verder (: je werk brengt een lach op mijn gezicht!

Anthony Jones zei