donderdag 2 april 2009

shadow test

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dibtych zei

works :-D

cherenkov zei

The shadow seems a wee bit heavy on the upper nose, but I'm not a shadow expert so ... might want to get a second opinion on that.

Your work is always awesome, Lois. I may feature it on my blog sometime. It's not an art blog - just a "whatever I feel like" blog - but I love your style. (I'm also a watcher on DA [ ~ice-biker ])

Cheers ...

Nico Di Mattia zei

you have really amazing artworks here!! Compliments!!!

Anoniem zei

A bit random but was wondering if you might ever consider creating a blog on livejournal for posting art bits and updates and stuff - since its easier to communicate in comments and there are quite a few artists there too :) makani comes to mind primarily ( and even if its just sketch/art posts...*_*

Not to mention the username loish is available too \o/ And you can work really customize the CSS too :3

Ln zei

I like so much your paintings!
The colours, the shapes are amazing!
You've got something ;)