zaterdag 25 april 2009


saw this picture and decided to doodle it, especially to do the hair. just for fun.

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hector-gamez-rabago zei

ooo beautiful..

I don´t speak English but…. you´re amazing.

mis respetos ..

Laurent zei

Even nicer than the real one...

Sinnah Scorbut zei

That's fantastic, as usual... Your coloring skills never cease to amaze me :)

peanut's smile. zei

penelope cruz!
i really admire you..., you're awesome!

Jessie zei

She's so beautiful, both in your sketch and IRL. Her hair emits this soft glow. <3

Felixantos zei


Anoniem zei

I'm Spanish and i had to tell you that penelope in your painting look prettier than in the real pic.
I admire your wonderfull color and drawing skills. I saw your works on dA, and you`re amazing.


Aere (Manuela) zei

Wonderful!! I love you art!