zondag 19 april 2009

blue and grey

another daily sketch thing.

7 reacties:

olga d zei

i'm sorry but this is too beautiful. the light is so gorgeous.

SIR zei

So pretty. I love how soft your paintings are!

Laurent zei

(mode Georges C. on)
Are these eyes looking at me ?
Mmmh... Who else ?
(mode Georges C. off)

elloisan zei

You should upload the second, more realistic one.

Bobby Pontillas zei

VERY nice!

Iris Star Chamberlain zei

How many years would you say it took you to really figure out how to light your paintings? That's one of my favorite things about your work.

.scillAe zei

I love your work, especially this one.
The instant impact of it made it an instant fave. You inspire me, especially when i feel like giving up.
hehe. All the best.