woensdag 29 april 2009

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The Joyful Fool zei

you are awesome! i love seeing your updates... there is a lot of pleasure in your drawrings ! peace and love and kindness :)

Nacho Moli zei

Hello Loish: I´m your fan nº 1. Your art is awesome... and you are so young!!! You will be one of the greatest in the future!! I wanna be like you when I gow up, jejeje (Though i am 26 years old)

Mario_MB4 zei

Nacho... I´m her fan nº1!

haha, really, Loish you are awesome, I love your work and watch it in Deviant art.

PD: I can´y believe it! Your new flash animation with the fishes are just incredible! I just can´t stop playing with it! Loveable!

Anoniem zei


the new fish app is very adorable too. *clicks to make loads of food* piranha fish! :P

jrl zei

very pretty. I'm jealous.