woensdag 18 februari 2009

portrait of a californian airhead

caricature of audrina from the hills. i was captivated by her perpetually blank airhead expression.

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Otto Chin zei

You captured the blankness beautifully.

Anoniem zei

The likeness is uncanny. :)

Tooninator zei

dur!!!! Nice.

CellarDoor zei

hhaha! its so true. i love how you captured her very large mouth but thin lips. awesome.

shaheemie zei

That is so true!

Darcy Ripley zei

so blank, fantastic~

Stephan zei


Madd Town zei

Spot on.

agustin zei

your work is amazing, it absolutely blew me away

Nico Di Mattia zei

simply beautiful!
Cool works here!!!

Senn the Cartoonist zei


Chelsea zei

I really like this. Not just because of the obvious skill but the variation of your work. I'm one of the 583058302 people who stalk you on Deviantart and though I adore your character work it's great to see such a range in your sketchblog!

monika zei

awesome picture!

I would go nuts having to spend time looking at her face for too long though!

Felixantos zei

It is great, very funny her caricature.