maandag 2 februari 2009

b+w test

for some reason this drawing seems really chris sanders inspired. a coloring test: i did the shading in black and white and added the colors with layers afterwards.

4 reacties:

Jessie zei

She's adorable. I love her feminine curves.

You know that method doesn't quite work so well with me probably because I don't know how to control it. Instead of that I either monochromatic browns or just really simple colored shading and then add layers of color. But I like the how "glazed" look that it can have sometimes.

Laurent zei

The line is nice but the colours make it a lot more beautiful.

blah,blah zei

omg, i love your work :)!, i hope someday i could draw like's amazing!
do you mind if i add you to my blog's list? hope not :).

olga d zei

you're one of the few artists that draw women the way they are meant to be - with curves.

i'm a long-time fan of yours. i just adore what you do with lighting. everything is always so luminous and soft. sorry, fangirl rant.