woensdag 18 februari 2009

portrait of a californian airhead

caricature of audrina from the hills. i was captivated by her perpetually blank airhead expression.

sad dog

inspired by people who dress up their dogs in tutus. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?

dinsdag 17 februari 2009


maandag 2 februari 2009

b+w test

for some reason this drawing seems really chris sanders inspired. a coloring test: i did the shading in black and white and added the colors with layers afterwards.

stylish smoker

pointless but fun.

geert wilders

caricature of a dutch politican, geert wilders. he's a huge racist jerk who wants to ban the koran and kick all immigrants out of the netherlands. for some reason he also bleaches his hair. i wanted to capture his unique ugliness with this portrait.