zondag 1 juni 2008

shamefully pink

i couldn't help it, deep down inside i'm still just the little girl who loved barbies.

7 reacties:

Wayne B. Medina zei

hello loish, you have some really cool shtuff. my friend last week showed me some of your work and i was an instant admirer. i'm also a animation student and love to see what other students around the world are doing. well that's it. keep up the dope work

courtney zei

wowwww!! so delicious. you always pick the best colours. can't get enough of your artwork!

Fabián Fucci zei

Beautiful work.

Tooninator zei

LOVE the hair

Bobby Pontillas zei

I love the palette and design on this!

Laurent zei

How come your pics have always - I mean, really "always" - nice colours ?

Forever Begins Today zei

i have always enjoyed following you on deviantart and your different sites... you're an amazing artist